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Unofficial Developer's Guide to FHIR on Mirth Connect by Shamil Nizamov

Published: July 01, 2016

Updated: July 30, 2022

Number of pages: 146

Format: PDF

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Book Description

As Mirth Corporation says on their web-site, "Mirth Connect is the Swiss Army knife of healthcare integration engines, specifically designed for HL7 message integration. It provides the necessary tools for developing, testing, deploying, and monitoring interfaces. And because it's open source, you get all of the advantages of a large community of users with commercial quality support."

This book describes Mirth Connect to the point that reader are confident enough to start building their own healthcare data exchange interfaces using HL7 FHIR and related standards.

As you read this book, you will be implementing a number of FHIR related services. Among others, a set of Mirth Connect channels to Validate FHIR Resource instances which is a broad topic by itself with many options and flavors; SMART on FHIR Authorization and applying this standard to authenticate backend services; FHIR based CDS Hooks API to automatically invoke external Decision Support Services based on events that occur during normal application use.


Chapter 1Mirth Connect Basics
Chapter 2What is a FHIR?
Chapter 3What is RESTful FHIR?
Chapter 4Simple RESTful FHIR Client Overview
Chapter 5HL7v2 Enricher
Chapter 6HL7v2 Enricher on HAPI-FHIR
Chapter 7Cerner FHIR Client
Chapter 8Base Validation
Chapter 9Schematron Validation
Chapter 10Profile Validation
Chapter 11SMART Authorization
Chapter 12Bulk Data Export
Chapter 13Bulk Data Downloader
Chapter 14CDS Hooks


I'm available for remote HL7 consulting work. Skills that I can bring to your projects are:

  • HL7v2 modeling, conformance and implementation (Messaging Workbench, Mirth Connect)
  • HL7v3 modeling, conformance and implementation (RMIM Designer, V3Generator, XMLSpy, Mirth Connect)
  • CDA/CCDA modeling, conformance and implementation (MDHT Modeling, ART-DECOR, Mirth Connect)
  • IHE profiles: XCP.d, XCA, XDS.b DS, XDM
  • Systems integration: Mirth Connect, Java, JavaScript, XSLT
  • If you have any questions, please contact me by email given below.

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